Please fill out to form below so that we have all the necessary information to process the appeal.

Alternatively, you can download the PDF version of our agreement and return that to us as well.

Please note that upon submission we will file the petition with the county, however, we will not attend the value hearing until someone from our office has confirmed by phone or email that we have received the signed agreement forms and payment for the filing fees.

Thanks for your trust in our services.

2017 Tax Appeal Agreement.pdf

2017 Appeal Agreement

Contact & Billing Information

Property to be appealed

Please make sure the following information is accurate. For multiple properties please place each on a separate line. We recommend copy and pasting from Excel or a similar application.
For multiple properties please place each one on a separate line.
For multiple properties please place each on a separate line.
If you have had your homestead exemption in place for more 1 year, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to get a reduction for the property that yields a tax savings. If this is the case please call us to discuss before continuing.

Additionally if you wish to raise your value for portability purpose we ask that you call us before continuing.

Please forward any Income & Expense information you may have for the year of 2016 & 2017 in order for us to properly analyze the property's assessment.

This could exclude I&E Reports, Tax Returns, Rent Rolls, or currently advertised Rental Rates.

You can upload it below, or send by fax or email as soon as you have it available to (305-443-1450)

Anything else we should know? Size calculations wrong, pending repairs, anything that could affect the value might be helpful to us so please let us know...

Our online form wasn't designed for more than 6 folios, while we would love to represent you in this matter we think it would be best if you call our office directly at 305.443.4966 to arrange for the petitioning of your properties.


By entering my name below I am affirming that I have the authority to have Dixon Commercial Real Estate the owners in the 2017 tax assessment appeal of the listed properties.

Furthermore, I am agreeing to pay $20/folio being petitioned, as well as 35% of any tax benefit achieved as defined by the agreement to Dixon Commercial Real Estate for this service.

If you have any questions or concerns about these terms, please contact our office at 305-443-4966.

As a bonus if you pay online right now, we will credit you the filing fee's if we are successful in the appeal.