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How Do I Prevent Losing My Parents Homestead Exemption When They Pass?

Question: My parents owned their home for many years and had Homestead Exemption.  I’ve been living in my parent’s house and taking care of them in their last years.  But last year they passed and when I inherited the house, the Homestead Exemption was lost and now the real estate taxes have tripled.  What can I do? Answer: […]

The Hummer Dilemma

by Tom Dixon Hopefully, now that we have passed through the dark time of not knowing what the financial future holds for us, it is time to consider how things can be better in the future. It seems to me that not too many years ago the belief was that if you have more, spend […]


2010 Office Market Report

On Thursday June 17,th we presented the 2010 South Florida Office Market Report.  If you missed the presentation or want a copy of the printed report you can find it and all the previous report under the CIASF tab of our website.

Trying to Outrun Our Real Estate Tsunami

For those of us involved in real estate for over 20 years, we have experienced cycles which seldom took more than 3-4 years to work out. This one is much different with few experts able to forecast a time to return to normalcy.  It has been much more personal than the past because all of […]


2010 Industrial Market Report

Last week Andrew and I presented the 2010 Miami-Dade County Industrial Market Study to over 240 members of the Commercial Industrial Association of South Florida. This is 15th year we have reported on the industrial market conditions in South Florida. The Market Trends Section reported a growth in industrial space for the year of 2008 […]

Bend, Blend & Extend

As the Great Recession of 2008-2009 continues, its effects are felt in the commercial real estate market and submarkets of South Florida in the form of increased vacancies, lower rents, reduced income and cash flow to landlords and owners of investment properties.  If landlords, owners and their leasing agents are not agile enough or willing […]

Your Fair Share of Real Estate Taxes

If you live in Florida and own property, you will receive a TRIM (Truth in Millage) notice in the next 4 to 6 weeks. This notice will give you an estimate of the real estate taxes that the property must pay, based on the assessment and millage rate. The assessment is established each year by […]

Where are the tenants?

Last Friday, I attended with 130 other professionals the presentation of the Official 2009 Annual Miami Office Market Report by the Commercial Industrial Association of South Florida, (CIASF).  Data for the report was based on information from Black’s Office Guide.  The report was prepared and presented by my two able office mates, Tom and Andrew […]

The Underwear Factor

THE UNDERWEAR FACTOR Now that the summer rains have started in South Florida it reminds me that there are cycles to the weather, life, financial markets and it seems everything around us.   Three months ago we were commenting about the cool weather and when would it be warm enough to go swimming.  Now the water […]