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The Shadow Inventory is Real

Over the past months the reported inventory of homes for sale in the South Florida market is very small, prices are rising and sellers are getting multiple offers above the asking price. Some buyers have never even viewed the home. These are facts which are true. Although these facts may be true they need to […]

Is Your Money Really There?

Every time I make payments towards my retirement account I think about the stories of Bernie Madoff, MF Global and other investment schemes, where the investment money was “lost”. To date MF Global is missing roughly $1.6 billion, JP Morgan had trading losses of $2 billion and I’m sure there will be other horror stories. […]


2012 Industrial Market Report

We just finished our presentation of the 2012 Industrial Market Report for the Commercial Industrial Association of South Florida.  For those that missed it or need more copies of the report they can be found HERE, under our CIASF Tab, or on the CIASF website. 2012 Industrial Report

From Anthropology to Real Estate

Hello, I’m Roger Lopez and this is my first newsletter for the Dixon Magenheimer Sisler Report. Anthropology is the scientific study of humanity. It concerns itself with the biological and cultural evolution of our species.  Generally it can be divided into four fields: biological anthropology, linguistics, cultural anthropology, and archaeology. The film character Indiana Jones […]

Your Fair Share

In Florida this is the time of year when property owners are notified of the amount of the real estate taxes to expect on the tax bill which will be sent the first of November. This notice know as a TRIM or “Truth in Millage” notice. For 2011 if proposed changes are adopted this should […]

From the Great Depression to the Great Recession

By the end of June, I will no longer occupy an office at Madison Circle, 3191 Coral Way.  The first of July, I will set up my new home office at Kings Creek South, near Dadeland.  This same contact information will be valid, since I will receive my mail at the office on Coral Way […]

Smoke & Mirrors – April, 2011

Did anyone notice that in November 2010 they received a real estate tax bill that showed that they were being assessed for less but being taxed for more?  What’s up with that? Example 1 – Using North Bay Village Actual Millage Rates 2009 Market Value $500,000 x Millage Rate .0209155 = Taxes $10,458 2010 Market […]

Sour Buildings Make Good Buildings Sweeter- February, 2011

In today’s office market in South Florida vacancy rates for most submarkets average 20% and over.  This is especially true in “C” Class Buildings or below.  Class “A” buildings are enjoying lower vacancies and less willingness by landlords to give excessive concessions to lure tenants.  Concessions can take several forms; free rent, free parking, generous tenant improvement allowances, […]