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The Underwear Factor

THE UNDERWEAR FACTOR Now that the summer rains have started in South Florida it reminds me that there are cycles to the weather, life, financial markets and it seems everything around us.   Three months ago we were commenting about the cool weather and when would it be warm enough to go swimming.  Now the water […]

The Benefit of this Real Estate Cycle

As an active real estate broker in South Florida the changes I have seen in the market for real estate are both upsetting and beneficial. The upsetting part began in 2005 and 2006 when money was so plentiful that almost any borrower could qualify for a loan.  These borrowers realized that if they could purchase […]


January 2009 – CIASF Industrial Market Report

Last week Andrew and I presented the 2009 Miami-Dade County Industrial Market Study to over 240 members of the Commercial Industrial Association of South Florida.  This is 14th year we have reported on the industrial market conditions in South Florida. The Market Trends Section reported a growth in industrial space for the year of 2007 […]

December 2008 – Holiday Thoughts

Gary Sisler’s —-Holiday Thoughts Most of us have experienced seeing real estate recessions and bounce backs…but, this one seems more serious, perplexing and sobering. We would like to think that the savvy pundits would be more evident in hoisting warning flags. It seems to say that we are ill served by the press which has […]

November 2008 – Living The Borrowed Dream

For the past several years we have been living on a borrowed dream. When we wanted something we would just “put it on the card.” Then if at the end of the month if we did not have the money we just paid as much as we could and let the balance accumulate at 20% […]

August 2008- I Think My Phone is Broken

What a strange title for a newsletter?  Why would one think his phone is broken?  It is not ringing, sometimes not at all, other times very seldom.  Why do you think this is occurring during the dog days of August 2008? There are several reasons for this state of affairs and we will discuss them […]

July 2008 – Real Estate Taxes

If you live in Florida and own property, you will receive a TRIM (Truth in Millage) notice in the next 4 to 6 weeks. This notice will give you an estimate of the real estate taxes that the property must pay, based on the assessment and millage rate. The assessment is established each year by […]


June 2008 – Office Market Report

On June 13th, real estate brokers, Tony Puente, Robert Meneses and I presented the first Annual South Florida Office Market Report to over 120 members of the “CIASF” Commercial Industrial Association of South Florida. This report provides a snapshot of the Office Market Conditions for the year. For research purposes Miami-Dade County is divided into […]

May 2008 – We’ve Been Conned

While this will contain a lot of rhetoric about politics, I will conclude on how this affects our real estate activities. No question, a current hot button and one destined to worsen, is our energy pickle and the high cost of gas. Unfortunately, it seems only a sharp increase at the pumps jars us into […]

April 2008 – The Way We Were

Sure, a gallon of gasoline at almost $4.00 a gallon seems painful, particularly in my case since I drive a vintage Mercedes Benz 300 Diesel.  Indeed, a gallon of this less processed fuel is $4.25. Economic times are tough, for sure, for those in the residential/condo market.  The office market on the other hand, is […]