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Thoughts of the Week – Miami Stories and History

ExcelFormulaBot – Helps you write a complex by Excel formula using regular language.

Get Human – Bypass the Automated Customer Service Number and Get Humans

Omni Calculator – Nearly endless options for calculation online

DiscoverPods or Podchaser – In case you need to find a new podcast to ease the road rage that comes from driving in Miami.

Crypto Fear and Greed

Stock Market Fear and Greed

The Worlds Largest Picture of New York City – Waste some time zooming around NYC.

DouLingo – Free Language Learning – Conversation Starters

Scale-A-Tron – Tool that allows you to map a polygon on a map, then move it anywhere to compare the size. For example, you can compare the size of Miami International Airport to the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. – We’ve posted about this for Florida before, but this site helps you find the unclaimed property site throughout the US.

Waze – Crowdsourced driving directions that factor in accidents, traffic jams and police stops.

AppSumo – Great Deals on up-and-coming software – You can find lifetime access to new online services for a fraction of the yearly costs.

Patch My PC– Easily update over 300 commons Windows Programs, also for quick installation of useful apps on a new machine.

Smile.Amazon.Com – Let all your holiday purchases from Amazon help fund the Charity of your choice by going to Smile.Amazon.Com instead of the default URL.

Corporate BS Generator – Have some fun at your next meeting. – Connect your Devices or Social Media accounts.

Ancient Earth – Scroll through time and watch how the continents have evolved.

This Person Does Not Exist – AI Generated Images of People Who Do Not Exist. (Generates a new fake face with every page refresh.)

ShareX – Free Open-Source Screen Capture and Sharing App for Windows.

How True Was It? – Ever wonder how true that “Based on a true story” movie really was?

FEMA Online Courses – Learn emergency management skills online for free from the official FEMA Emergency Management Institute.

Under the Sun – Tracks where the sun is right now.

Unsplash – Royalty free stock photos that can be used just about anywhere you’d like.

Curbed Miami – A source for some of the finest and sometimes absurd real estate news happening in Miami and other major cities.

The Plantain – Satirical News site similar to The Onion but focusing on sunny South Florida.

Tropical Tidbits – Great website for tracking Storm information, presented in a more scientific manner than most weather sites.

Windy – Visual Wind and Weather Map.  Great for Sailing, Kiteboarding, Drone Flying or just deciding what to this weekend

Sweet Home 3D – Free Open Source 3d Floor plan Modeler

Let Me Google That – For that person in your life that asks you for information that could have been more easily just googled. – Calculate the Due Date of deals in working days including US Holidays.

Bitwarden – Open-Sourced Free Password Manager – What powers this website.

BatchGeo – Make Google Maps using a spreadsheet of  addresses. – Free online calculators for almost anything