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Thank you for filing out our appeal application.

Once we double check the information we will contact you to coordinate next steps.

We will file the petition with the county prior to the deadline and begin working on cases immediately with priority given to cases that are scheduled first by the county.

If we have not received the signed contract back from you before the hearing date, we will be unable to proceed to argue for lowering the values.

Additionally, if you have any comments that you think need to be considered as to why the value should be adjusted please let us know.

If this is a commercial property that has income and expense records you would like to be presented, please send that to us as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refunds are sent automatically by the County Finance Department to the entity that paid the taxes on the owner’s behalf in the form of a refund check that will list the year and the note “Tax Correction”.  This check is usually sent to either the bank’s escrow department, or the owner themselves. The county will default to using the name and address found in the top left corner of the check used to pay the taxes as the return address.  If for any reason you need this to be changed, you will need to contact the Tax Collector’s office (305-270-4916). We can assist in this but ultimately the request has to come from the property owner.

Typically the county will send out a refund 4-6 weeks after the hearing date.  We cannot control when the hearing for your property will take place, but it will occur between September and May.  At the latest you should receive a check by August if we were successful in reducing the taxes for the previous year.

Sometimes your property will be scheduled for a hearing before the taxes are paid.  In these cases, if we are successful in reducing the taxable value, you will receive a revised tax bill in the mail following the processing of the hearing.  For these we will calculate the savings based on the change between the value announced in the TRIM notice mailed in August and revised values as evidenced by the Finds of Fact sheet provided by the County Value Adjustment Board and the revised tax bill.

Refunds checks get issued by law to the entity that paid the taxes.  If a bank or escrow service paid the taxes on your behalf (normal for mortgaged property) then the County issues the check back to them.  Once the escrow company receives the check they will deposit it and credit it to the account for your property. You may then request they issue you a check or save the money to pay for next year’s taxes.  We can assist in verifying where and when the check was sent to the escrow company. However, the owner will have to contact the escrow company to request the refund out of the escrow account.

If the name on the refund check does not appear to be a bank or escrow company, please call us immediately so we can call the county to investigate.