What Is Your Fee Structure?

We bill based on the amount of savings you receive on your tax bill before any interest or penalties are accrued.

Because we have no knowledge of when you pay the Tax Collector or when the refunds are processed.  We assume that you have paid your taxes in November (as we recommend to all our clients) and have received the 4% discount for early payment and take that into account in our invoices.

Below is an example of what we would charge on property that was reduced from $1,500,000 (School Board)/$1,000,000 (Capped) down to $900,000.

Folio Number: 01-1234-56-7980
Tax Authority Millage Preliminary Revised Reduction Savings
School Board 0.0080 $1,500,000 $900,000 $600,000 $4,797
County/City/Region 0.0150 $1,000,000 $900,000 $100,000 $1,500
0.0230 $6,297
Less: 4% Discount
Original Tax Bill $26,990 $25,910
Revised Tax Bill $20,693 $19,865
Savings $6,297 $6,045
Rate 35%
DCRE Invoice $2,116