Problem Solvers

Real estate brokerage is not about selling a property, it is problem-solving.
Every piece of property and situation is unique and requires a specialized approach. This is especially true for commercial properties, where not only do the products vary but so does the income potential for different investors.
At Dixon Commercial Real Estate we know that to solve a real estate problem you have to understand not only the problem but also the market and the skills needed to effectively use technology to reach that perfect buyer or property and negotiate the successful completion of the transaction.

The Market

As longtime residents of Miami we have seen Miami grow from the tropical paradise it was to the international metropolis it is today and know its history.   There are many unique neighborhoods in Miami-Dade County and we strive to know the best what makes each market special in its own way in order to best locate our clients.
As tax appeal agents we are always researching the latest trends in all area’s of Miami-Dade’s real estate market.  Each year we represent over 1,000 properties before the Value Adjustment Board of Miami-Dade County.  Each property is individually researched, evaluated and compared against local sales data and the County tax valuation.  This ongoing research fuels our ability to place the correct listing price on your property should you be looking to sell.  Alternatively, we can evaluate your potential purchase to make sure it meets your investment criteria.
We also, for the past 20+ years have produced the Commercial Industrial Association of South Florida’s (CIASF) annual Industrial Market Report that tracks, reviews and highlights the important transactions in the major industrial sub-markets of Miami-Dade County.

The Players

Tom is a former board member and Past-President of the Miami Associations of Realtors, and the CIASF.  Andrew has served for both the Miami Association of Realtors Commercial Miami board and the CIASF. Both are active members of the Rotary Club of Coral Gables. Our weekly “Email of the Week” reach over 2,000 active brokers, owners, investors and other professionals working with Miami.

Our Skills

Appraisal – Former member of the MAI (Member Appraisal Institute)
Brokerage – Experienced in sales of land, offices, industrial, marinas and retail and residential
Advocate – Over 15 years representing owners before the Value Adjustment Board
Construction – Condominiums, apartments, offices, and warehouses
Education – Tom teaches a 3 part series in Commercial Real Estate each year for the Miami Realtors
Mortgage Broker – Commercial loans, SBA financing, seller-financing
Author – The CIASF Industrial Market Reports
Technology – Website design, email marketing, desktop publishing, Social Media
Experience – Over 40 years in the field of Commercial Real Estate in Miami

Our Process

  • Understand the needs of the seller or buyer
  • Evaluate the highest and best use of the property
  • List at a marketable price, based on active market data
  • Prepare marketing brochures and websites
  • Direct marketing to the targeted buyers
  • Negotiate contracts between buyer & seller
  • Resolve legal conflicts and issues
  • Assist in obtaining financing

Whether it be solving a tax assessment issue, acquiring the right property for you, or disposing of property you no longer need, we are here to help solve your problem.