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Email of the Week: 02-14-2020 – Yes I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but I’d rather complain about the traffic.

Just wash your hands, people.

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…one of the most important lessons we have learned is that…

Picture of the Week Quote of the Week “Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.” — Dave Barry Website of the Week Smile.Amazon.ComLet all your holiday purchases from Amazon help fund the Charity […]

Email of the Week: 10-21-2019

We are currently reaching out by email to all of last years clients to renew their appeal petitions for 2019.  If you have not received an email from us or want to discuss the 2019 appeal process.  Please call or email us today.

Once again it seems that a hurricane is threatening South Florida right as owners are receiving their TRIM Notice from the County that details their upcoming real estate taxes.

Remember when aerial photographs were taken from planes?

Would your real estate broker go to jail for you? We have.

Picture of the Week Thought of the Week “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” Website of the Week https://www.fltreasurehunt.orgDo you have money just waiting for you with the State?

3680 W 16th Ave Video Preview

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Something about this doesn’t seem right.

Email of the Week of 4-17-2018

We just finished creating an updated version of our “world famous” Township, Range & Section Map

Thought for the Week of 4-12-2018

Tom was quoted in the Miami Today, today, in a story about the tax implications of Miami’s priciest Office Towers.

Another year and another massively successful CIASF Industrial Market Report.  We’d like the thanks all those that helped us pull it off.  Especially Sebastian Juncadella and Fairchild Partners for his part in the presentation. For any who need a copy, you can download the full report on here. We were also quoted in the Real […]

Because Hurricane Irma has disrupted our normal business hours, we will be preemptively filing on approximately 500 cases for clients that we worked with last year.

Thought for the Week of 7/28/2017

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Thought for the Week of 6/28/2017

Thought for the Week of 6/9/2017.

Thought for the Week of 5/08/2017.

Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

  For those that missed it or want to print out there own copy of the 2017 Industrial Market Report, you can get it here or on our Reports page.

Thought of the Week – 11-9-2016

Thought of the Week – 10/20/2016

18734 SW 107th Ave & 18736 SW 107th Ave
For Sale
Two Condo Warehouses
Unit 1 – 1,603 SF
Unit 2 – 1,603 SF
with 800 SF Office on 2nd Floor


Thought of the Week – 7-20-2016

Thought of the Week – 6/27/2016

As commercial real estate brokers we are always being asked “What do you see for the future of Miami real estate”?

This beautiful one acre home site in West Kendall is available now. The site could potentially be subdivided into two equal sites (ex: 12400 SW 100 ST & 12420 SW 100 ST) or purchased with the adjacent lot to the west for a total of four possible single family home sites.

If you live in Florida and own property, you will receive a TRIM (Truth in Millage) notice in the next 4 to 6 weeks. This notice will give you an estimate of the real estate taxes that the property must pay, based upon the assessment and proposed millage rate.

If you are a homeowner, you probably don’t like paying property taxes. But economists like property taxes for the same reason taxpayers hate them: They’re hard to avoid.

Read the rest here…

  This group of properties totals 6 plus acres fronting the west side of the Airport Expressway (SR-112) and is currently zoned IU-1 (Miami-Dade County) for Light Industrial use. There is immediate ingress and egress on both directions. Access to27th Avenue, a high volume north-south thoroughfare, is one block away. Connection to I-95 is ninety […]

  Features 1.5 Acres of land Building with capacity for 200-250 students Currently 12 Classrooms (18 possible) Plus library and yoga studio / stage Convenient drop-off and pickup area with +/- 20 parkings spaces New playground equipment with rubber mulch Covered picnic tables for lunch Prominent location on a major Broward road Price includes all furniture […]

IS A REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT AS GOOD AS A FINANCIAL BOND? In the April 9th issue of the Wall Street Journal there is a very thought provoking headline;  “New Era, In Bonds; Zero Yield or Less” Tradeweb shows a  government-bond yield for Switzerland of (-1.0%) …yes negative 1% per year.  This means if you invest […]

Last week at the Commercial Industrial Association of South Florida presentation on “The rEvolution of the Industrial Market”, the inventory of industrial warehouse space in Miami-Dade was estimated at 200 million square feet. As in my last newsletter, I like to relate this to something I can imagine. The shipping industry uses a standard shipping […]

Q: I just received my tax bill and the county now offers the option to pay only 75% of the tax bill. How much of my real estate tax bill should I pay?

A: The simple answer is 100%, and not the 75% option.

Here’s a few reasons why…

We use signs and indicators in our daily lives to tell us what to expect. For real estate business decisions, there are some very interesting and also odd indicators that reflect the current business climate that can give indications of future trends. If you were interested in investing in a restaurant, wouldn’t it be nice […]

Tom and Guy’s will be presenting their favorite website’s this week for the Miami Realtor’s Below you’ll find the list of sites they’ll cover, but if you want to see how they all work together to help you research a property you’ll have to join the class. COMPANIES Florida Corporations Overall Search Look […]

ALL YOU NEED IS THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND A DEBIT CARD If you enjoy traveling and speak the English language, the world is yours. We have traveled to many countries including Spain, Italy and most recently – Greece. Everywhere we traveled, English is the universal language. Our son Andrew went on his honeymoon to South […]

Last week I sold a home in Coconut Grove which is unlike any other: it is the first certified Fortified Construction and Energy Star home built in Miami-Dade County. The developers and sellers, Rochester Builders Inc., set out to build an affordable product with a construction standard that goes far beyond what is called for […]

As commercial real estate brokers, when we list a property for sale, the first step is to properly identify the property’s address, legal description and owner’s name. When we market the property, we may include a location map, aerial photos, copy of the plat showing the recorded information about the site,  a legal description, a […]

What Is Your Fee Structure? We bill based on the amount of savings you receive on your tax bill before any interest or penalties are accrued. Because we have no knowledge of when you pay the Tax Collector or when the refunds are processed.  We assume that you have paid your taxes in November (as […]

We got this one under contract the same day we put up the sign.  We’ll hopefully have another similar one soon.          

This property has been sold for $1,100,000 to The Advocate Program, a perfect match for the location.  

The short answer is YES. If you have a residential property that you feel is over assessed we recommend to you them as soon as you can. However you may still hire us after the TRIM notices are sent out and we will handle a formal VAB petition for you. In the meantime please pay […]

It is amazing how many students from my Commercial Brokerage class call and say they have an investor with $5,000,000 looking to purchase a commercial property showing a return of 10% on the investment. Or they ask do I know of any triple net lease properties with national credit tenants for sale with a return […]

As a real estate broker, when some one calls about a For Sale sign, I’m always asked, “What is the asking Price?” Usually, they expect a price based on cash to the seller. But lately my thinking has changed. Maybe the answer to this question should be, “It will cost you $$$ per month to […]

Last week Andrew and I presented the 2014 Miami-Dade County Industrial Market Study to over 170 members of the Commercial Industrial Association of South Florida and guests. This is the 18th year we have reported on the industrial market conditions in South Florida. The Market Trends Section reported a growth in industrial space for the […]

Unless you have been asleep or out of the country, you have noticed the bizarre spread of branch banks everywhere. At the start of the Great Recession five years ago when banks were in trouble and our government bailed them out to protect the United States financial system from failure, the big banks were considered […]

During the past 6 months, I have changed some of my shopping habits and started doing more Internet shopping. One reason is that there is a greater choice of products to meet my needs and another is simple economics. For example, I needed a special light bulb for a floor lamp at our office. I […]

3465 NW 2nd Ave Wynwood / Midtown Office Building to be converted to a language school and community center

If you live in Florida and own property, you will receive a TRIM (Truth in Millage) notice in the next 4 to 6 weeks. This notice will give you an estimate of the real estate taxes that the property must pay, based on the assessment and millage rate. The assessment is established each year by […]

Sold by DCRE Summer 2013! 4623 SW 74th Ave Bird Road Industrial Market Multi-Tenant Warehouse – Needed some repairs Buyer was an investor

Over the past months the reported inventory of homes for sale in the South Florida market is very small, prices are rising and sellers are getting multiple offers above the asking price. Some buyers have never even viewed the home. These are facts which are true. Although these facts may be true they need to […]

Every time I make payments towards my retirement account I think about the stories of Bernie Madoff, MF Global and other investment schemes, where the investment money was “lost”. To date MF Global is missing roughly $1.6 billion, JP Morgan had trading losses of $2 billion and I’m sure there will be other horror stories. […]

We just finished our presentation of the 2012 Industrial Market Report for the Commercial Industrial Association of South Florida.  For those that missed it or need more copies of the report they can be found HERE, under our CIASF Tab, or on the CIASF website. 2012 Industrial Report

Hello, I’m Roger Lopez and this is my first newsletter for the Dixon Magenheimer Sisler Report. Anthropology is the scientific study of humanity. It concerns itself with the biological and cultural evolution of our species.  Generally it can be divided into four fields: biological anthropology, linguistics, cultural anthropology, and archaeology. The film character Indiana Jones […]

In Florida this is the time of year when property owners are notified of the amount of the real estate taxes to expect on the tax bill which will be sent the first of November. This notice know as a TRIM or “Truth in Millage” notice. For 2011 if proposed changes are adopted this should […]

By the end of June, I will no longer occupy an office at Madison Circle, 3191 Coral Way.  The first of July, I will set up my new home office at Kings Creek South, near Dadeland.  This same contact information will be valid, since I will receive my mail at the office on Coral Way […]

Did anyone notice that in November 2010 they received a real estate tax bill that showed that they were being assessed for less but being taxed for more?  What’s up with that? Example 1 – Using North Bay Village Actual Millage Rates 2009 Market Value $500,000 x Millage Rate .0209155 = Taxes $10,458 2010 Market […]

In today’s office market in South Florida vacancy rates for most submarkets average 20% and over.  This is especially true in “C” Class Buildings or below.  Class “A” buildings are enjoying lower vacancies and less willingness by landlords to give excessive concessions to lure tenants.  Concessions can take several forms; free rent, free parking, generous tenant improvement allowances, […]

NOW AVAILABLE: The official CIASF 2011 Industrial Market Report as presented by Tom Dixon for CIASF on Jan 14th at the Sofitel Hotel in Miami.