We just finished creating an updated version of our “world famous” Township, Range & Section Map for Miami-Dade County using free GIS Data from Miami-Dade County and QGIS.

Download it here for a printable copy [DCRE 2018 TRS Map] Or invite us out for lunch and we’ll bring you an 11 x17 poster-sized version once they arrive.


Tom was quoted in the Miami Today, today, in a story about the tax implications of Miami’s priciest Office Towers.

“Thomas Dixon of Dixon Com­mercial Real Estate finds the larg­est office buildings contributing about S51 million to Miami-Dade in 2017 property taxes.

Reviewing the 20 largest multi-tenant properties within Miami-Dade, findings show how the investment per square foot of rentable space changed from 2016 to 2017. Mr. Dixon sees factors such as a building’s age and whether it was recently sold as influencing its property taxes.”

You can read the full article online if you have a subscription.

Another year and another massively successful CIASF Industrial Market Report.  We’d like the thanks all those that helped us pull it off.  Especially Sebastian Juncadella and Fairchild Partners for his part in the presentation.

For any who need a copy, you can download the full report on here.

We were also quoted in the Real Deal’s coverage of the event.  Which you can read on their website. Pay no attention the fact that they called in the 2017 report.


At this time it does not appear that the County will be extending the Sept 19th, 2017 deadline for filing tax assessment petitions.

Because Hurricane Irma has disrupted our normal business hours, we will be preemptively filing on approximately 500 cases for clients that we worked with last year.

We will try to include any and all new clients that wish to appeal their tax values for 2017.  However, we may have to file later than usual, but we should have good cause to get the hearings granted as long as they are filed in the next week or two.

Please continue to use our online form to fill out information on new properties not in our database, or email us directly.

You can also call our offices at 305.443.4966, but we may not be available until Monday the 18th due to lack of power and internet.