We just finished creating an updated version of our “world famous” Township, Range & Section Map for Miami-Dade County using free GIS Data from Miami-Dade County and QGIS.

Download it here for a printable copy [DCRE 2018 TRS Map] Or invite us out for lunch and we’ll bring you an 11 x17 poster-sized version once they arrive.


Tom was quoted in the Miami Today, today, in a story about the tax implications of Miami’s priciest Office Towers.

“Thomas Dixon of Dixon Com­mercial Real Estate finds the larg­est office buildings contributing about S51 million to Miami-Dade in 2017 property taxes.

Reviewing the 20 largest multi-tenant properties within Miami-Dade, findings show how the investment per square foot of rentable space changed from 2016 to 2017. Mr. Dixon sees factors such as a building’s age and whether it was recently sold as influencing its property taxes.”

You can read the full article online if you have a subscription.