We just finished creating an updated version of our “world famous” Township, Range & Section Map for Miami-Dade County using free GIS Data from Miami-Dade County and QGIS.

Download it here for a printable copy [DCRE 2018 TRS Map] Or invite us out for lunch and we’ll bring you an 11 x17 poster-sized version once they arrive.


At this time it does not appear that the County will be extending the Sept 19th, 2017 deadline for filing tax assessment petitions.

Because Hurricane Irma has disrupted our normal business hours, we will be preemptively filing on approximately 500 cases for clients that we worked with last year.

We will try to include any and all new clients that wish to appeal their tax values for 2017.  However, we may have to file later than usual, but we should have good cause to get the hearings granted as long as they are filed in the next week or two.

Please continue to use our online form to fill out information on new properties not in our database, or email us directly.

You can also call our offices at 305.443.4966, but we may not be available until Monday the 18th due to lack of power and internet.

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If you live in Florida and own property, you will receive a TRIM (Truth in Millage) notice in the next 4 to 6 weeks. This notice will give you an estimate of the real estate taxes that the property must pay, based upon the assessment and proposed millage rate.

The assessment (value) is established each year by the County Property Appraiser using mass appraisal techniques. The millage rate is based on funds the city and county government need to operate, divided by the total values of all real property in the County. The real estate taxes for a property is then calculated by multiplying the assessment – say $100,000 times the millage rate of say 19 mills, which is really 1.9% or .019. This equals a tax of $1,900. I sometimes think that the term millage rate is used to confuse the taxpayer. It would be much clearer if it was expressed as a percentage of value.  As in you’ll be paying about 2% of your properties value in taxes each and every year.

As a taxpayer, you are only obligated to pay your fair share. And if you think you are unfairly assessed there is something you can do about it.

Unfortunately the only part of the real estate tax equation which can be appealed is the assessment.  However you are always welcome to attend the budget hearings to find out more about that process.

After you receive the TRIM notice, there is usually a period of 25 days to file an appeal petition if you wish to protest the assessment. Then, sometime in the next 12 months there will be a hearing before a Special Magistrate to debate the assessment. As a property owner, you can file the appeal and present your arguments before the Special Magistrate. However, many property owners have found that using a professional is much more effective.

With our 30 plus years of combined knowledge of South Florida real estate valuations as estate brokers, professional appraiser, teacher and economic analysts, we are well equipped to represent property owners in the successful appeal of real estate tax assessments.


Tom and Guy’s will be presenting their favorite website’s this week for the Miami Realtor’s

Below you’ll find the list of sites they’ll cover, but if you want to see how they all work together to help you research a property you’ll have to join the class.

Florida Corporations www.sunbiz.org/search
Overall Search www.google.com
Look up companies www.hoovers.com
About corporations corporationwiki.com
Find People PeopleFinders.com | People Summary
Email Locations www.melissadata.com/index.htm
Phone No. Lookup www.reversephonedirectory.com
Find People www.switchboard.com
Find People www.zabasearch.com
City of Miami Building Department www.miamigov.com/building/pages
City of Miami Zoning www.miami21.org
City of Miami Zoning Map maps.miamigis.com/miamizoningsite
MD Property Appraiser gisims2.co.miami-dade.fl.us/MyHome/propmap.asp
MD Foreclosures www2.miami-dadeclerk.com/MFS
MD Criminal Search www2.miami-dadeclerk.com/CJIS/CaseSearch.aspx
MD Clerk www.miami-dadeclerk.com
MD Permits www.miamidade.gov/building
MD Checkbook www.miamidade.gov/transparency
MD Microfilm File bldgappl.miamidade.gov/microfilm
MD Property Data eMaps gisims2.miamidade.gov/emaps/viewer.htm
MD General Data www.miamidade.gov/technology/gis-self-service.asp
MD Track Permits www.miamidade.gov/zoning/track/home.asp
MD Zoning Map www.miamidade.gov/planning/library/maps/zoning.pdf
Fla Corporations search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/ByName
Fla Statutes www.flsenate.gov/statutes
Fla License https://www.myfloridalicense.com/wl11.asp
Fla Unclaimed Funds www.fltreasurehunt.org
Municipal Codes www.municode.com
Labor Market Data www.floridajobs.org
Federal Statistics www.fedstats.gov/qf/states/12/12086.html
Street Views maps.google.com
Crime Maps www.crimemapping.com/map/fl/miami-dadecounty
Aerial Maps www.bing.com/maps
Crime Maps www.familywatchdog.us
Putting Address on Map www.batchgeo.com
Traffic Counts www2.dot.state.fl.us/FloridaTrafficOnline/viewer.html
Miami Today www.miamitodaynews.com
The Real Deal therealdeal.com/miami
Commercial Stories www.cre-sources.com/
Post Rental and Sales www.postlets.com
Email Campaigns www.mailchimp.com
Keep track of Passwords www.lastpass.com
Calculation of Days www.workingdays.us
Free Software sites.google.com/site/freesolutionssite
PDF – Converter www.online2pdf.com
SIC Codes www.sec.gov/info/edgar/siccodes.htm

Guy and Tom’s Favorite 2014 FREE Websites

We’ve just returned from filing 1,875 real estate tax appeal petitions for the 2010 tax year.

If you are still interested in protesting the assessed value of your property you can file a late petition with the Miami-Dade County Value Adjustment Board, by visiting the 17th Floor of the Government Center downtown or by visiting their website at http://www2.miami-dadeclerk.com/vab.  Late petitions will only be accepted and scheduled for a value hearing if you have a legitimate and reasonable reason for not having filed between Aug 1st – Sept 20th.

For all the clients that have previously contacted us, your petitions will be processed by the county shortly and will receive an agenda number for scheduling.  Due to the overwhelming amount of cases filed in 2008 and 2009 we do not expect the county to be prepared to hear 2010 cases until at least Jan. 2011.