Email of the Week: 04-03-2019

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Photo Credit: Ken Teegardin from www.SeniorLiving.Org
Photo Credit: Ken Teegardin

Thought Real Estate Story of the Week

Would your real estate broker go to jail for you?  We have.

The sale of a vacant site in the Northwest area of Miami-Dade County required a boundary survey. The problem we faced was that the property did not have road access and was located over 2,000 feet from the nearest public road. We did not want to cross adjoining property for access without permission. However, since all the adjoining parcels were vacant land. we could not simply contact the adjoining owners for access. What to do?

After a review of aerial photos our sales associate Roger Lopez discovered the closest access was from the South Florida Reception Center aka the County Jail.  In order to provide access for the surveyor, Roger decided the quickest way would be to for he and the surveyor commit some minor white-collar crimes, plead guilty, then break out of jail and while escaping do a quick survey of the land in question. Or he obtained permission from the Warden to go to (the) jail with the buyer and surveyor, cross the jail property, and complete the survey. We don’t to this day know which really happened, but the deal did close, and isn’t that what really matters?

While we will not break the law to sell your property, we will take the extra steps to close the deal.  To find out more what we can do for you or hear more classic real estate stories, give us a call.

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