Should I Pay My Real Estate Taxes?

The short answer is YES.

If you have a residential property that you feel is over assessed we recommend to you them as soon as you can.

However you may still hire us after the TRIM notices are sent out and we will handle a formal VAB petition for you.

In the meantime please pay your Tax Bill when it arrives in November. You may notice that because you have filed a VAB petition you have the option of paying only 75% of the total bill as a “good-faith” payment. DO NOT DO THIS! You should pay 100% of your tax bill as shown on the Property Appraisers & Tax Collectors Website.

This is because if we are unable to get you more than a 25% tax reduction, you will be responsible for the difference PLUS interest which starts accruing in May at 1% per month. Seeing as most appeals DO NOT result in savings of more than 25% and occur nearly 6-12 months after May we STRONGLY advise against paying only 75% of the bill.

Furthermore, if you pay the 100% amount, and the VAB does reduce the value, then you will be entitled to not only the base refund (original minus the revised tax amount) but you will also receive interest.

For those interested they can read the statute online here.