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IS A REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT AS GOOD AS A FINANCIAL BOND? In the April 9th issue of the Wall Street Journal there is a very thought provoking headline;  “New Era, In Bonds; Zero Yield or Less” Tradeweb shows a  government-bond yield for Switzerland of (-1.0%) …yes negative 1% per year.  This means if you invest […]


Last week at the Commercial Industrial Association of South Florida presentation on “The rEvolution of the Industrial Market”, the inventory of industrial warehouse space in Miami-Dade was estimated at 200 million square feet. As in my last newsletter, I like to relate this to something I can imagine. The shipping industry uses a standard shipping […]

Weird Signs and Indicators

We use signs and indicators in our daily lives to tell us what to expect. For real estate business decisions, there are some very interesting and also odd indicators that reflect the current business climate that can give indications of future trends. If you were interested in investing in a restaurant, wouldn’t it be nice […]

All You Need

ALL YOU NEED IS THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND A DEBIT CARD If you enjoy traveling and speak the English language, the world is yours. We have traveled to many countries including Spain, Italy and most recently – Greece. Everywhere we traveled, English is the universal language. Our son Andrew went on his honeymoon to South […]

A Unique Sale

Last week I sold a home in Coconut Grove which is unlike any other: it is the first certified Fortified Construction and Energy Star home built in Miami-Dade County. The developers and sellers, Rochester Builders Inc., set out to build an affordable product with a construction standard that goes far beyond what is called for […]

A Strange Discovery

As commercial real estate brokers, when we list a property for sale, the first step is to properly identify the property’s address, legal description and owner’s name. When we market the property, we may include a location map, aerial photos, copy of the plat showing the recorded information about the site,  a legal description, a […]

What Is Your Fee Structure?

What Is Your Fee Structure? We bill based on the amount of savings you receive on your tax bill before any interest or penalties are accrued. Because we have no knowledge of when you pay the Tax Collector or when the refunds are processed.  We assume that you have paid your taxes in November (as […]